I found this smartphone on a bus bench, can I sell it to you?

No way! We take theft very seriously at UpSwapIt and do not accept any items reported as lost or stolen. Every device we receive is checked against a global database using CheckMEND reporting services that will identify any devices that are reported lost or stolen, have a blocked Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that will prevent activation, have outstanding payments due to a carrier or insurance claims against the device.

If any device is determined to be lost or stolen, will provide this information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. For any device deemed to be activation locked, we will either work with you to resolve the issue to remove the lock and so that you can get paid or, if we are unable to resolve the issue, the device will be returned to you at no charge.

About CheckMEND:


CheckMEND has spent more than a decade building relationships with data providers including the public, police, retailers, recyclers and networks the world over and today is regarded as the authority on the information relating to the sale/purchase of second-hand goods.

The CheckMEND system searches datasets that contain more than 50 billion serial numbered items of property and is the most reliable method of ensuring goods are legitimate - a fact supported by its global use in the electronics recycling industry to aid with regulatory compliance and due diligence.


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