I've shipped my device, now how do I get paid?

Now that you've shipped your device to us, we bet you're wondering about the best part: Getting Paid!

As soon as we receive your Device we will check the condition and run the serial numbers through the lost/stolen device database. If it matches the condition specified in your order, we will immediately issue payment.

If your Device is in a better or worse condition than what was specified in your order we will email you a new offer. If you accept the new offer, great! We'll pay you the new price immediately. If you decline the new offer, we will happily return your Device to you at no extra cost.

No need to worry about hassling with gift cards or restrictive payment methods, we pay you in cash via PayPal or e-Check. Payment is sent to the email you used in your order. 

If you UpSwapped your Device for credit instead, we will apply the credit amount back to your Paypal account, or email you an eCheck, depending on which you chose.

And unlike other companies that can take days to issue payment, we pay you immediately. Because we know waiting is the hardest part!


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